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New Community

Ahhh! That fresh Community Smell:):)

Hello Everyone!!
Recently I've discovered Full Metal Panic Fumoffu along with Soraboyd. Its the sequel to Full Metal Panic and its fabulous!!! I highly suggest picking up this month’s NEWTYPE in order to get the DVD that has the first ep. of FMP Fumoffu on it :D! Its funny because their in school the entire time and its just hilarious!

Well Gotta Go to Class!
....Me/misunderstood badguy/black billowing ball of darkness and mystery...with bitchin' silvery lucious locks/overly happy and slightly derranged Penguin....
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How do I join this thingy? Im lost Riku
Okay, so I joined up!
So, I know this a new community but can we change teh (yes, teh) layout a wee bit? PEEEEZUMMMS??? (just goofing of course)

Oh, and if you want to join any community, just go to its info page when you are logged in and look towards the top of the paige and you should see a link that says "click here to join community" or something to that extent, after that you are a part of that community. Now you need to monitor the community, and all you have to do for this is click the button that that kind of looks like the add friend button. Choose the colors and you are set. ^_^
yeah Anime!!!!Mew mew!!!!pink!!!!!blah