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My Friend Rufio The Internet Defines Cosplay as the Following:

"basically dressing up as animé and manga characters. Cosplay competitions held at conventions allow fans dress up as their favourite characters, pose for pictures and win prizes. Hardcore fans can treat cosplaying very seriously, sometimes spending months making their costumes. In Japan Cosplay Cafés - where the staff (and occasionally the visitors) dress up as animé and manga characters - are quite popular too, and many merchandise companies have twigged that making replica costumes and accessories for Cosplayers is a useful source of extra income."

SO..............What is your view on Cosplay? Fun or Stupid? Crude or Insightful? Personally I think it's cool, but I'll be frank... not a fat people in spandex. other than that its cool. Lemme know what cha think

BTW theres a Convention in Allendale, MI (At GVSU) This Year (June 25th and 26th)Anyone interested in going down? I still have to see if I can go.

Heres the Link if your interested. http://www.jafax.org/
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